What We Offer to Our Clients

Increase Profits

SohoPros is about you! Your needs and objectives are our primary focus. Each and everyone of our clients is unique and has a goal for their business. Our philosophy is to focus on your business model and to develop the tools that you need to meet those goals. With a perfect blend of business sense and technology, we will put you in a position to take full advantage of the power of the Internet.

Save Time

Saving time is the #1 way to save money in business. By customizing the tools to meet your needs and allowing you to control the information to and from your web presence, you will eliminate a lot of wasted time and effort that would otherwise be used to manage your web presence. Having the ability to make changes on your schedule will put you ahead of the curve for delivering new information and services to your clients.

Give You the Key

With our Content Management System development, we give you the key to your web presence. You will have the ability to create and present your content to your audience without the use of special web page software or formal web training. If you can use a basic text-editor such as Microsoft Word, you are more than on your way to managing your web presence.

Provide Full Support

In the fast pace world that we live in, it is often difficult to be able to ask questions and get answers when you need them. We take pride in the ability to be there for you when the time comes. Although you have the key to your site, we are always here to guide you through any obstacles that you may encounter.

Web Sites/Web Applications

Websites used to be just text and pictures, but today web applications allow us to do our banking online, purchase complete vacations, track packages in mid-shipment, and so much more.

The most technically advanced companies are using the Internet not only for customer facing applications, but for internal operations as well. SohoPros has provided complete back end solutions that include managing digital document image workflow, processing complex credit scoring and reporting, cataloging sales collateral for outside sales, and delivering eDonations for non-profits.

We incorporate google analytics into all of our projects to help better the search engine rankings and global accessibility of your site.

Whether you are in need of a simple website or a complex web application, give us a call and learn what SohoPros can do for your business.

Web Hosting

SohoPros' approach to Web Hosting is to partner with clients for all their Web hosting needs. This means that we do not offer hosting packages that require our clients to maintain their own site configurations or wait 1-2 business days for a technical support call.

SohoPros hosting environment includes a Web Farm of dedicated Web and Database servers all in a secure server environment with both battery backups and a gas-powered generator. Of course, SohoPros also provides regular offsite backups of data...just in case.

SohoPros manages all technical aspects of Web Hosting from Domain Name (www.YourCompany.com) and SSL (Security Certificate) registrations to DNS maintenance, server backups, and other technical needs.

And SohoPros goes further to offer services for improving Search Engine Placement (Google ranking) and Web Advertising as well as complete website design and application development services.

Email and SPAM Solutions

Email is a crucial aspect of doing business. Today's email allows you to communicate quickly and efficiently with your associates and clients and the touch of a button. With this medium of communication comes SPAM and viruses. SohoPros email hosting offers some of the most strict SPAM filters and virus filters available today.